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Monthly Archives: April 2010

born stoked

There’s some rumors going around. For instance, this one: there’s a story going around that I may have joined a new band and we may be practicing this weekend and we may be playing at Amnesia on May 4th and we may have more details to come as this is probably extremely premature to be […]


The Farthing Collective did a sweet little blurb on my last zine Sobstory? #8. Nice. PS – If you want one go here.

“what? …you mean i have to pay for these pamphlets?”

Still being exhausted from working 15 hours yesterday, I open the shop first thing this morning to find some lady stuffing necklaces, jewelry, wallets, etc… up her sleeve. Awesome, how perfect, I think to myself. Ok, now how do i non verbally psych this lady out to diffuse this situation? You know, just make her […]

mr. doodles neighborhood

I spent the day in Oakland rummaging with Mr. Doodles. Come to his show @ N&P on Friday.

confessions of a sunday painter

the important topics of the day

the sun

The Sun @ KALA, Berkeley, California. 3/31/10